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Maki & baobab

Nature and landscapes: a serene escape and an intimate fusion with our planet.

Explore a range of destinations for a rejuvenating escape, feed your curiosity and let inspiration be your guide.


Grand Loop of Madagascar

Grand Loop of Madagascar

Explore various tour opportunities covering the West, South, East and North coasts of Madagascar....

The Malagasy highlands

The Malagasy highlands

Explore Madagascar's highlands with our haute terre tour, a spellbinding experience of culture,...



Discover Madagascar's Highlands, explore the lush nature of the Canal des Pangalanes and end your...

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I’m a seasoned traveler, but my trip with SECCOMAD Tour showed me a whole new side of Madagascar. I was amazed by the natural beauty and cultural diversity I was able to discover. The team was attentive to every detail and made my trip stress-free and incredibly rewarding. I highly recommend SECCOMAD to all travelers eager for authentic discoveries.

Geoffrey Michel

My dream of visiting Madagascar came true thanks to SECCOMAD Tour. Every day was a new adventure, from meeting the locals to excursions to breathtaking places. The local guides were a treasure trove of knowledge and made my trip both educational and entertaining. If you’re looking for a trip that combines adventure, culture and nature, SECCOMAD Tour is the perfect choice.

Sophia M.

The experience of touring the East Coast of Madagascar with SECCOMAD Tour is engraved in my memory. The idyllic beaches and picturesque villages captivated me at every turn. The well-organized tour enabled me to discover authentic places like Manakara and Mananjary. The visits to Andasibe and the Tsaranoro Valley left me with lasting memories. Thank you SECCOMAD Tour!

Alexandre Martin

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